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“The atmosphere was electric as the audience hung on his every word. This man is a born raconteur and in the intimacy of our house concert the effect of his song/story performance was doubly felt. ... Not only does Alistair have that unique ability to capture an audience but his strong clear voice combines so well with his expertise on the concertina as he sings his story ... There's something special about a house concert, but Alistair can handle a huge festival crowd just as expertly. Book him for your next house concert or festival. I promise you won't be disappointed. ”

... Margaret Bradford,  House Concert, Engadine, Sydney NSW

“I have heard nothing but praise and many chuckles as people have recounted their enjoyment of your songs and stories- it was just wonderful.”

... John Menzies, Wuurong concert series, Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

"His anecdotes were always entertaining and his concertina accompaniments were thoughtful and melodic. I particularly appreciated the way that he had collected songs from his lifetime travels, particularly in North America. Alistair dispels the impression that Americana is the only folk music that America has to offer.”

... Peter Brown, Haddington Folk Club

“Alistair Brown's performances combine good humour and skills that have been refined over time, in a way that captures the attention of the audience immediately but subtlely.  His choice of songs and tunes both old and new, and the stories that connect them, provide for a memorable and highly enjoyable experience.”

... Brad McEwen, Director, Mill Race Folk Festival, Ontario


“At our Marine Heritage Festival Alistair Brown did it all - from captivating public school students, to calling dances, to playing in the pub - all on the same day! With his arsenal of squeezeboxes and pocket instruments, Alistair is great in both workshop and concert settings and knows more jokes than anyone else I know!”

... Ian Bell Curator/Director Port Dover Harbour Museum, Ontario

"Little wonder that he enjoys a healthy reputation as a much-in-demand performer (proficient and appealing both as singer and anglo concertina/ button accordion player) replete with versatility and good humour - a true folk entertainer.”

... Living Tradition Magazine

“Two grand masters of traditional singing brought out the best of each other, and the songs, to the absolute joy of everybody” (concert with Danny Spooner)

... Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

"Alistair is the real deal. His Scots accent and wit are irresistible to dancers of all ages, and this added to his knowledge and genuine love of the idiom plus his sheer musicality are what make him such a fine dance caller. I've heard fellow musicians say: "ah, Alistair is calling, we can relax, it'll be good" and we feel the same, year in and year out!" 

... Wendy Jeenes, Newlyn Reelers Barndance/ceilidh band

"Alistair in great voice led the Bodmin chorus through favourite songs from Scotland and Canada, interspersed with tunes, the odd monologue and, of course, his own form of wit. Lovely night and good to hear some old songs as well as the new”

... Mike Freemantle, Bodmin Folk Club

“Last night I had the privilege to host an evening at the Devonport Folk Music Club with guest, Alistair Brown, who certainly lived up to his reputation.  He held our discerning audience in the palm of his hand whilst singing two sets of songs from the folk club tradition, beautifully accompanied on concertina and introduced with humour and authority.  He would be welcome back here anytime.”

... Roger Giles, Devonport Folk Music Club, NZ 

"With total commitment to his audience, Alistair, with his unique range of songs and tunes,  from the comic to the deeply moving,  entertains at the highest level.   A huge favourite at Dreamers."

 ... Kitty Timmins, Dreamers Folk, Cornwall.

Whether it was his amusing repartee and rollicking yarns that introduced the songs, his choice of repertoire which was diversely eclectic in the traditional vein all steeped in humanity, often with a sharp wit and interesting theme reflecting his Scottish heritage. Alistair's warmth of voice carried the songs beautifully and his expertise and comfort in handling his diverse instruments was the icing on a great night's entertainment which sent the audience home happy.”

... Sutherland Folk Club, Sydney, NSW

“Mastery of storytelling in song”

... London Free Press, Ontario

“This dancer, teacher, folk singer and raconteur radiates dynamism.”

... Buffalo Gap Music Camp, West Virginia

“Shone vocally..” (soloist with Symphony Orchestra London)

... Scene Magazine, Ontario

“Outrageously entertaining”

... John C. Campbell Folk School, North Carolina

“You can judge a performer by his technical skills and by his ability to captivate an audience. On both counts Alistair Brown came out tops ... Alistair held the entire audience to the end with his engaging manner, his cleverly timed patter and his professional delivery of a wide range of songs. The audience were glued to their seats. He is welcome back to the Illawarra Folk Club any time he is back in the country.”

... Russell Hannah Illawarra Folk Club, New South Wales